Case – Compass field force optimisation

A 40% increase in store sales and 1.3%pt gain in availability from identifying the highest value opportunities and taking the right action, in the right store, at the right time.


A major FMCG company and global brand, was suffering with product availability in stores due to the lunchtime sales peak. Significant sales were being missed, but the field teams couldn’t quickly identify which stores had the biggest issues and weren’t able to investigate or understand why some stores suffered more acutely than others.

Further opportunities in store for incremental listings and space were also being prevented by the ongoing availability challenges.



Using Compass the client field team were able to plan their visits optimally, being directly guided to the stores with the biggest availability challenges on the day of visiting. Once in store, field agents were able to quickly focus on the key products where the highest lost sales had occurred and x these highest value opportunities.

Once the existing availability issues had been remedied, the field agents were able to use Compass to identify opportunities in the high potential stores and present a compelling case to negotiate incremental listings.



By quickly identifying the biggest opportunities and resolving the priority SKUs, an immediate 40% increase in store sales was realised and sustained. This was reflected in an overall product availability increase of 1.3%pts compared to the previous year.

The performance of just the incremental listings could be clearly reported, analysed and presented back to the store manager with up to date data at the shelf. This insight resulted in further additional listings being agreed in a fiercely competitive category.

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