Maximise value chain effectiveness

The RI Supplier product suite enables a single, collaborative view of the commercial value chain, from supplier planning to retailer execution, to maximise financial efficiency all the way to the shelf.

Maximising value chain efficiency and effectiveness requires transparency and consistency; we believe in one team, one plan, one number regardless of market, customer or complexity.



In today’s fierce retail trading environment, commercial leaders of consumer goods organisations face the double challenge of reducing spiralling trade spend in excess of 20% of revenue, while also increasing sales and margin for their customers. As retailers continue to focus on creating effective joint business plans, manufacturers and suppliers require technologies to manage an increasingly larger and more complex P&L to drive the commercial relationship. The RI Navigator product provides transparency and analytical accuracy, to deliver in excess of 21% CAGR growth.



Running a field sales operation is an incredibly difficult challenge requiring the successful alignment of people, strategy and tactics. Traditionally the field sales force has made vital commercial decisions with direction from head office, but limited insight at their disposal to make the right decisions in every store visit. In a dynamic and challenging retail environment, coupled with increasing cost management and return-on-investment pressures, the RI Compass product enables both efficient and effective store processes, constantly delivering on average more than 64x ROI.



Improve trade spend by enabling a single version of the truth across functions, customers & markets.




Improve availability, distribution and compliance in store by addressing the highest value opportunities.



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